Meng Zhang


Meng Zhang is a designer, an artist, a businesswoman and an entrepreneur. She grew up in China but has made London her home. She has achieved an MBA at the London Business School/Columbia Business School but has also been awarded an MA from the London College of Fashion.  She has seen business from the bottom and the top: from working with European brands struggling to break into the Asian market, to becoming the Chinese director of fashion giant Zara. She was Chanel’s first Head of Buying in Asia but has also established a successful pharmaceutical company. In 2012/13 she returned to her childhood love of art and founded MENG, a fashion brand featuring exquisite hand-drawn prints.  The brand’s very first collection was an immediate success, stocked in Selfridges, Harrods and Neiman Marcus. 

 Throughout her life Meng has sought to challenge the borders between cultures, between industries and between art and science. Now she is seeking to break down boundaries further by shifting her focus to psychology – the study of the human mind and brain. Meng has been appointed as the entrepreneur in residence by the school of psychology and language science at UCL. It is in scientific pursuit that she is currently dedicating her time, with the aim of understanding more of the processes that lie beneath the richness of human experience, whether personal, professional or creative.