Our Team


We are a young and entrepreneurial team, full of spirit and ideas. As pioneers, we look for new ways to do things and to make a difference. Drawn from diverse cultures and places, we bring unique experiences and approaches, with each of us weaving a distinct strand into an all-encompassing whole.

Our team works together in a collaborative way; this enables everyone to draw upon not only their own strengths, but also the strength of others to contribute to a richer end result. If you feel that you would be a positive addition, take a look at our careers page here.


MENG was founded by Meng Zhang, an artist and businesswoman who has previously held leading roles with Chanel, Lane Crawford and Zara amongst others. For the last few years MENG has been known as a fashion brand, but this is not the whole story. MENG was born out of a drive to create plus an intellectual curiosity that goes beyond any single industry.