Embark on a new fashion journey with us. AW16 is here.


After months of sketching, sampling, testing, cutting, stitching, unstitching and restitching, our AW16 loungewear collection was finally completed and ready to be photographed.

So one chilly London morning in January, we collected fresh blooms from the flower market and headed to the studio to shoot the new collection. This time we were going for a painterly feel, experimenting with lighting techniques to bring the new flower-scattered designs to life. Using two sets gave different moods instantly – the darkness was perfect for backlighting the sheer fabrics, while a lighter set gave a sense of air and playful movement.

Over the course of the day, flowers were shredded, bunched, trailed and jumped on, while pyjamas, robes, dresses, kimonos and kaftans were steamed, pressed and adjusted before coming alive on camera.

We’re all delighted with the final images: at times ethereal and whimsical, others mysterious and enigmatic. Enjoy!