Discover our extensive range of original artwork, all created by our talented team and creative collaborators. We combine inspiration from our heritage with modern elements to create an original, contemporary aesthetic. Our artwork is our core creative outlet, which we apply to multiple forms. We fuse our art into our diverse range of products, interweave it with animations and even extend it into innovative projects.




Our animations begin by hand-crafting beautiful pieces of art. We then work with a group of talented creators to conjure up captivating films, displaying how our 2D pieces of art can become more versatile. Animation gives us a chance to breathe life into our still pieces; this, in turn, takes you to a place of wonder. So, peruse our films and transport yourself to a place of reverie as you get lost in MENG’s world.


We do not limit our artistic capacities, creating far more than just hand-drawn pieces. For our projects, we collaborate with a variety of talented creatives - from photographers to choreographers - to ensure that our artistic reach is limitless. We endeavour to explore the multiple angles through which our work can be communicated, seeking new mediums beyond the paper to see how far we can stretch our creative realm.