We are currently expanding and are searching for brilliant creators to add to our team. Our brand’s core focusses are art, product design and innovation.

We seek artists across a range of disciplines: illustrators, animators, fine artists and designers. If you have true talent, we would love to see what you could bring to our ever-evolving story.

As our emerging platform takes shape, we seek intellectual thinkers, and focussed researchers with psychology backgrounds. You must be determined, innovative and able to create engaging, informed content in the areas of science, psychology and philosophy.

We are also on the hunt for captivating writers who will contribute to all of our platforms: art, fashion and innovation. You cannot underestimate good content, so if you have a way with words, do reach out. We are looking for English writers, and also writers who are bilingual in both English and Mandarin.

We are a young company, full of spirit and eager to make an impact. You must be entrepreneurial, driven and creative – these are our three core values. If you believe that you are what we are looking for, then please get in touch.